Meet Emmanuel In Tallaght at ‘PRAYER in the SQUARE’

Mission in the square

Prayer in the Square‘ with the Emmanuel Community takes place in the Holy Family Oratory at the Square  Shopping Centre Taillight (next to the Post Office)

Starting in 2009 as an outreach of the Emmanuel Parish Mission at St Martins Parish, the Emmanuel Community continues to support the work of the Oratory of the Holy Family at ‘The Square’

What is ‘Prayer in the Square’?

It’s a simple invitation to come into the Oratory and light a candle, say a prayer, stay in quiet adoration, meet members of Emmanuel and chat.  Everyone is welcome.  At 12 noon, Mass is celebrated.  The Oratory is open until 4.30 pm.


Next ‘Prayer in the Square?  20th January 2018

For more information on the activities and services at the Oratory of the Holy Family, click here !

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