Emmanuel-WITNESS: True stories, in our own words


Workshop on Evangelisation at IEC Dublin 2012 ‘We are involved in a fantastic story …

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Meet Emmanuel In Tallaght at ‘PRAYER in the SQUARE’

Mission in the square

Prayer in the Square‘ with the Emmanuel Community takes place in the Holy Family Oratory at the Square  Shopping Centre Taillight (next to the Post Office)

Starting in 2009 as an outreach of the Emmanuel Parish Mission at St Martins Parish, the Emmanuel Community continues to support the work of the Oratory of the Holy Family at ‘The Square’

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WHO we are

*On 5 Continents, 57 countries and right here in Ireland

*Founded in France (1972) by Servant of God Pierre Goursat & Martine Lafitte-Catta after experiencing the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

*11,000 members (2016): married & single lay people, 220 diocesan priests, 90 seminarians, 200 consecrated men & women and 1,200 missionary volunteers

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The Emmanuel Community organises activities and programmes in parishes and dioceses, across cities and towns…..  [Read more…]