PRAY with Pierre Goursat

Servant of God Pierre Goursat



Lord Jesus, we pray for the beatification of Pierre Goursat.

Inspired by a fervent desire for the salvation of souls and a great love for the Church, he worked with faith and hope for the Church’s spiritual and apostolic renewal.

Lord, through his intercession, grant us the grace of trusting you fully, serving you generously and doing your will. 

Give us a heart which is open to adoration and overflowing with compassion for all people.

Set us ablaze with fire and love for the evangelisation of the world.


Lord, through the intercession of the Servant of God Pierre Goursat, we ask you with insistence to grant many favours to all of our brothers and sisters in humanity, particularly the poor and those wounded by life.  Lord console the afflicted, strengthen the weak, heal the sick!   

In a particular way, we entrust to you …………..…


Lord Jesus, to those who are far from you or who do not yet know you, we ask you to reveal the infinite love of your meek and gentle Heart.


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If you have received graces and favours attributable to the intercession of Pierre Goursat, we would be most grateful if you would inform us at :

Maison de Chézelles

6, place de la Mairie

37 220 Chézelles


Tel : + 33 2 47 58 57 51

or email:

If you wish to contribute to the cause for the beatification of Pierre Goursat besides your prayer, you may send your gift to the above address (cheques should be made out to the order of  Cause de Pierre Goursat) or give online at: