Pray with Daphrose & Cyprien Rugamba and the children who died with them

Holy Father,
We pray for the beatification of the Servants of God, Cyprien and Daphrose and the children who died with them.

Give us through their intercession, to always have like them a heart burning with love for you, an incessant zeal for adoration, and  an active compassion for all who suffer.
Help us to give of ourselves freely for the evangelization of families and of the poor.

In communion with Cyprien and Daphrose Rugamba, we especially entrust to you couples who experience marital difficulties and people struggling to forgive their enemies, and we ask you us instruments of peace.

In communion with the children who died with them, we pray for all the little ones, especially the children, victims of mistreatment and violence

Through the intercession of these Servants of God,
we ask you Lord, according to Your will,
the grace of … (a prayer is expressed)
Lord, grant us peace and the grace that we ask in faith.


The cause for the beatification of Daphrose and Cyprien Rugamba opened on

19th September 2015